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The International Brotherhood of Sovereign Transportation Workers

We intend to become the central rallying point and source of solutions to the Workers of the transportation industry. We will establish their SOVEREIGNTY.

About us

SOVEREIGN ROADS is in the business of empowering people. We achieve this through the strongest industry on the planet. The work that our members and our partners are doing is vital to global society. We will unify the movers of people, freight, energy and information. Failure is not an option.

Why Choose Us?

There is not another group of people more sincere and determined to empower the workers of the transportation industry.


The most wonderful group of business minded individuals on the planet that have high expectations and great goals for the future generations to come and have a professional touch to make everyone feel welcome. Sovereign roads will exceed and elevate.



Good people up in here, always willing to help out others.



As a lady driver and a member of Sovereign Roads, they have helped me see the growth that is necessary for me in trucking. I have excelled as a driver and driver trainer at the company I am currently employed at. Now I am transitioning from an employee to a carrier through the help of Sovereign Roads. I have also learned the responsibility that I have to this industry, so it's my duty to make this industry better.


The Achievements of Our Members

Perseverance carried Ms LaShunbey Ferguson, who is from the heart of Jackson MS, right into the endless opportunities of the transportation industry. From cosmetology school to trying her luck at nursing and finally receiving a degree in Criminal Justice, LaShunbey took a leap of faith five years ago by attending truck driving school. Ms Ferguson had moved away from home for the first time and unfortunately lost her job. With her back against the wall she allowed fate to make the decision for her to become a professional driver. She has recently come off of the road to focus on her new role in the transportation industry as a broker and is working on building her brokerage business full time. LaShunbey would like to use Consistent Freight Solutions to open doors of opportunities for women to improve their quality of life.

Sharae Moore holds the birthright of the infamous SHE Trucking Apparel. A four year driving veteran from Tennessee, she has been rooted in the transportation industry all of her life. Sharae loves her career as a professional driver, however, her passion lies in helping other women in the industry. Ms. Moore established SHE Trucking Apparel almost a year ago when she recognized the lack of products geared towards women. She plans on utilizing it as a platform to accommodate the needs of women in a male dominated field, as well as to bring females to the forefront of the industry.

Reigning from southern California, Ms Jesseca Rose entered the trucking industry 7 1/2 years ago after being laid off from her former job working in a shipping and receiving office. In shifting employment gears, Jesseca jumped right into the seat of operating as an independent contractor and has been pulling containers locally since. Jesseca is an important member of RTI (Real Trucking Information) She loves driving and is planning to continue her path as an owner operator. Recently Jesseca began designing customized gear with the professional driver in mind and is looking forward to growing her business by providing opportunities to local teenagers.

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